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(RoBoats Prototype: May 2018)


Work in pairs, steering and shipwrecking your way to victory using your own smart device as the controller!                                              

  • Battle with up to 6 boats,  taking control as either Captain or Gunner
  • Play in randomly-assigned, asymmetrical pairs that are re-shuffled every round
  • Use your mobile phone as a controller and play locally with up to 12 friends
  • Fight using an array of weapons and power-ups
  • Fill the arena with AI boats to battle against
  • Choose your faction and play as one of three characterful groups of robots
  • Navigate through Scrap City, and immerse yourself in the charming robot-run world

Gameplay Examples

How to Play

Click here to watch the video tutorial on YouTube!

  • Download the game using the link at the top of the page.
  • Install the companion app by going to roboats.io on your mobile browser.
  • Ensure everyone is connected to the same Wi-Fi as the computer the game is running on.
  • Once the game is on the lobby screen, enter the game-code shown on the screen into the mobile app to enter the lobby.
  • RoBoats requires 2-12 local players.


  • Hold the phone horizontally
  • Rotate the steering wheel to turn
  • Use the slider to increase and decrease speed
  • For a burst of speed tap BOOST


  • Hold the phone vertically
  • Hold, aim and release to fire the swivel cannon
  • Tap the FIRE BROADSIDES button to fire from both sides of the ship
  • After collecting a power-up, tap the icon above the swivel-cannon to activate

Phone Examples

The Plan

RoBoats Legacy (what you're playing) is a demo for 'RoBoats' - released to allow players to experience a slice of what we are currently working on and help us develop the best possible product for release. The full version of RoBoats will include:

  • More maps and game-modes (including PvE for smaller groups/pairs)
  • Character and boat customisation 
  • Online multiplayer
  • Player progression (levels, coins, etc.) 
  • Achievements, challenges and events
  • Revamped visuals
  • Dynamic environments that affect gameplay
  • Developed story

All customisation and individual progression will be tied to the mobile companion app and can be taken with you wherever you go, making it the ultimate local party game.

Support Us

Follow the development of RoBoats at @AnimalPuree.

We'd love to know your thoughts and suggestions on the legacy version of our game, feel free to leave a comment on this page or write to us directly at hello@animalpuree.com.

If you enjoy the game, consider paying what you believe it's worth. Any money we get will go directly into the development of RoBoats; whether that's hiring freelancers, purchasing new software or buying shoes for our programmers -  any donation, big or small, allows us make RoBoats a better game.

We have a presskit, feel free to contact us at press@animalpuree.com.

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Hello, just your average next-door gamer here, I would really like to play Roboats with my friends and all, but as of now the companion app is only available on iOS? We couldn't seem to find it on google play store, and the link roboats.io didn't work either (linked to open page). It would be great if you could direct us to somewhere to download the companion app on Android. Regardless, great game you have here and keep up the amazing work!

Hi! Would really like to get in touch with you about a possible publishing of your game at tiltspot.tv! Your game RoBoats might be perfect for our web-based gaming platform, and we want to talk to you about what we can offer to you :) Send me an e-mail at christian.schultz@phonion.com if you wanna have a chat!